Hammer put it after 45

Hammer put it after 45:
All vital woman should know

More than 30 joints 0.20 bones in one foot, and this leaves plenty of opportunities for Something error. If you are over 45 women’s life vibrant, and there are some things you should know about Amer toe.
Where does it hurt?
Most Americans suffer from foot pain at some point in their lives. Pain affects more than half The population of the order of about 75%, according to The New York Times. There are a number of reasons for shoes, such as …
High heels.

Hammer toe, also known as finger claw, and usually develops in the second toe, but It can be seen in any toe. This situation occurs to increase the hardness of your tendons And tighten. This, in turn, stiffness, and lead to a lack of movement. In this way The problem is getting worse, and tendons become more solid and wishes
Try more pain. Hammer is the finger becomes clear
Deform over time.

It is a case that will make it difficult to bring walking shoes and enter Any physical activity because of the pain.
Pain in the foot Hammertoe is only one cause of foot pain. If you suffer from Type Pain, consult your doctor to determine the exact cause.

“It was a numbness and pain in my toes join the foot in the region.”
Reports VN members Sherry Hanson. Numbness, tingling and pain Thread It’s a very common foot problems. It is very common, in fact, many Women tend to be ignored, even when it becomes chronic. But you You never ignore the symptoms of chalk or even simple aging. Pain is R.
The body’s way of warning that something is wrong.
He”Seeing a podiatrist is the way to go,” advises Wendy Vargas. That is what he did when he was a pain in the foot, and I learned that you have a neurological problem that needs to be addressed.

In addition to the hammer toe, you may feel pain in the foot because of many other diseases. Plantar fasciitis, bunions, Fractures, heel spurs, and many neurological diseases caused by pain in the foot.

Most of these conditions for shoes and spoke. It’s the options that make the shoes causes the year And years of terrible pain?

If the shoe fits …
“None of your shoes fit my feet.” VN States faces the same phoof 18 There is a problem because a lot of vibrant women. She wants to use and elegant Shoes that look stylish. But it also has problems staying R.
Pain, and this makes it difficult to find a shoe. “Comfortable” and It does not seem “smart” to fit together well, and women’s shoes.
Shine on,
Leader of the hat Member VN Thinkerbelle and “never-ending quest to own shoes.”
Department of Economic Development

Hat next time?
You have hammer toe, chances are your doctor
Relieve the symptoms of hammer toe by wearing shoes with low heels or.Treatment depends on the degree of flexibility remnants If you lose flexibility in part because only a hammer toe, and is often used as a means of semi-soft and liquid. surgeon for me Many women suffer from foot problems, including hammertoe, select Very soft, flexible and shoes that do not press on your feet. new
Balance, cartoonists, Monroe, Denmark, was all Rico
VN members.
Tell change the shoe. Shock absorption and inclusion
It also provided the level in the prevention and mitigation of pain in the foot.
It does not jump. Find finger width gives your feet a lot of space Flexibility is the key; we always try to start a movement. but this Alone can not solve this problem. If you have a hammertoe, according to To treat it. You have several options available to you.
toes. This is why it is important to address this issue in a timely manner.
Consult your doctor if you start to feel constant pain in football anywhere feet.
And make a small incision in the toe to release the tendon. If it causes hammer toe or almost total
Total loss of movement, and it is also possible to remove a piece of bone in order to straighten and reorganization toe. Phil Pins It is inserted into the remaining bone.
Surgery is not always the only option, however. And it can be handled with a hammer toe with natural healing techniques some cases. It can stretch exercises to relieve pressure on the tendons and pains that come with it. K
Physical therapy and the doctor may recommend a hammer cycle after foot surgery.

Do not ignore the pain in the foot because it will only get worse if he did. Your feet should be in very good health for you You can continue to stay active and energetic. Check with your doctor and follow the treatment program
When problems occurred in the foot, because you do not have to live with the pain.

Gum Disease After 45:

Gum Disease After 45:
All the vital woman should know

And gum disease may seem a bit like a big problem, because it is a common and very easy to deal with this problem. But you You can treat and prevent? You may not even know the extent of the damage caused by gum disease and Beck Boca until it’s too late. All vital to find out what women should know about gum disease after age 45.
I do not know about such a common problem that can happen to you.
Who gets gum disease
Anyone can be a gum disease. Affecting all social and economic backgrounds and races, but usually do not
More women than men succeed. Some women suffer from temporary irritation of the gums know menstruation
Gingivitis. Something like that, but in the long term, occurs in menopause.
It is not uncommon for some women to experience dry mouth and Oral pain during and after menopause. Tastes may change, and It can be a form of gum disease caused by menopause. He It affects a very small number of women, but it exists.

In most cases, gum disease may blame directed to genetic and poor oral Cleaning. Eating large amounts of sugar and acidic foods can Also cause gum disease.
What causes gum disease?
And always cover your mouth bacteria that creates always
Painting – you may have heard by the team. When hardness, It becomes lime, which should be shaved using special tools. when Lime hanging on the teeth, leading to gingivitis and gum disease, which Cause redness, swelling, irritation and bleeding.

Usually, people do not suffer from the symptoms of gum disease and 40-30. You can have gums This disease is a chronic bad breath and loose teeth, gum red and painful and sensitive teeth.

This can be reversed if brushing and flossing every day begins, so start now. Avoid risk factors Aggravate gum disease and increase your chances of success. Smoking may put you at risk of gum disease and Even reduce the effectiveness of treatment. Medications that cause dry mouth, which can endanger, Boca needs of natural lubrication.

Says a member of VN Eli Phillips, “dental problems can prevent and even reverse – the sooner you start
Best – start now !! ” Gum disease in the battle against newspaper It is not enough to be concerned about the prevention of gum disease. you have to be Obsession with him. Member VN Empow improve your health – change
5 ways to live together to overcome the gum disease.

Exercise every day, and you
They have a smile.
“Stay away from sugar,” advised. “Eating a high proportion of healthy food protein.”
Find small ways to reduce things sweet. “Exchange B
For a cup of green tea. “In studies, green tea, appears to reduce gum disease So it certainly can not hurt (just do not add any sugar to tea!).
“Check your toothpaste, and may not be making the situation worse.” chemical substance Whiteners can damage gum tissue and some other additions. Search
“Natural teeth folder” suggests Empow information technology. Baking soda works well In the teeth cleaning.
Try a mouthwash that kills bacteria and irrigation through the mouth as well. if And maintain dental health have the tools. Suggests also receive Empow Gum massager, which increases the blood flow and keep the gums.

But do not be discouraged if you take care of your mouth and Not maintain perfect teeth. It was very high pockets of some members of the VN The problem. “Married to a dentist for 35 years, and have excellent oral health.”
I said. “Even with everything I do … I have some gum problems.” He says daily Preserving the health and dental floss.

The periodontal disease affecting
“I have no idea how I ended up with this mess !!”
This desperate cry coming from one member of the comments at the moment, and went VN B. Lynn to his parents and Natural teeth, as has happened, but it was a lifetime of dental problems, despite the interest in them
chompers. Strong social insurance system, family history, which seems promising, may not be sufficient to avoid
Dental problems, although it can certainly help.

Gingivitis is the most common dental problems that can arise. This leads to the erosion of the gums and anger
And eat. With the worsening gum disease, leaving him with pockets around the teeth instead of solids We need contact between the teeth and gums. This leads to loss of teeth, which can lead to tooth loss.

In the end, you may want to look at your teeth compensation. VN recommended members of dentures, but only If fully fit and are created by experts.
Implants are “expensive and not always,” says a member of VN. They suggest In consultation with the Faculty of Dentistry to see all your options and get a more affordable price. “the prices Not to mention the doctor, “and you will still receive dental care of the highest quality care.
VN interest by Erica Manfred “in Dentures: dentures that fit the culture” This is the most It can be accessed in the middle option.
You have a lot of options when it comes to the replacement of missing teeth, so do not feel ashamed or embarrassed if You have this problem. Prevent deterioration, with the best care of your gums now. whatever, If your health.

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder: What,

Why women make up more than 45 gets often?
Frozen shoulder is not a disease of menopause, and heard often, but it is surprisingly common Between vibrant women. There arthritis, adhesive capsulitis. Find out what needs to be done before this can happen to you.
A very cold shoulder
Frozen shoulder is not the temperature of the name – describes the amount of traffic you get from your account
Shoulder when it happens. Portfolio and swelling in the ligaments that surround the shoulder joint adhesive Himself. You will have limited use of his shoulder as a result. Every one in five cases of frozen shoulder Who saw both shoulders affected, not just one.
The cause of frozen shoulder is not always easy to identify. It is common in people with diabetes, and can be The uproar caused by the shoulder. But only 40 in turn increases the risk of frozen shoulder, and 70 percent
All those who are suffering from frozen shoulder are women. Frozen shoulder can be an indication of thyroid problems, so You should consult your doctor if you suffer from this problem.

Pain is often worse at night with frozen shoulder, stiffness, and will get worse before it is better Melting of frozen shoulder

“It seems that during the night, became the left arm in motion. For the first time Terrible pain. So you can not raise the arm up or down or backward Or forward. “This is the terrifying story that occurred a member of the VN
4EVER Young. I thought and paralyzed his arm. has not been. He has been frozen shoulder, but got the full treatment Use your arm again. If you have frozen shoulder, seek treatment. this The condition can be very painful and can be, and should not be allowed- transfer
To be limited if you do not have to be. There are many different ways for “Meltdown” frozen shoulder, so to speak.

He was a member helenw VN struggling with frozen shoulder, Bowen tried therapy. It is a massage technique relieves pain And swelling. “I was relieved in three sessions,” he said.

“Do your stretching exercises,” remember JHL member of VN and F “abandon carry heavy bags around, too!”
Usually prescribed physical therapy for patients with frozen shoulder. Sometimes there is no quick solution. VN
He spoke and distinguished members of the Bann commentator about his experience with frozen shoulder. “Recovery The process can take from three months to two years, and for me it was the most difficult frustration of not Healing quickly that it was hard even to attend a treatment has a unique set my Home page. ” And recommend comprehensive treatment approach. Photos of the pain, but the practice of physical therapy. Consultation with the doctor, and reduce stress in your life, because the recovery will be slow. “During the
He diligence in finding and physics medical treatment the most amazing, and finally fully recovered. ” I say.
“I am programmed to perform arthroscopic surgery tomorrow morning, and I do not know as a last resort. I think it is “The red-haired Ramblin VN taste. I tried physical therapy and treatment is not to her.

He recommended another member VN, Dr.She, and the replacement of the shoulder. “Finding a good surgeon,” he advised. I tried Yoga and acupuncture and frozen shoulder treatment before you start this process.

“I suggest you try everything – acupuncture, and so on – a whole series – as well as relaxation and meditation – tapes
Left for the final surgical operation, “says one member VN Maggie De Vore.

Explore your options
It is your shoulder and your body, and you know how you want to deal with any problems you may have with them.
Get all your options and talk with your doctor about the pros and cons before making a decision. You can I want to try the treatment more than once.

Painkillers quick relief but not a cure. If you are using painkillers to relieve themselves frozen Shoulder, you should use them all the time. Regular movement and exercise, beautiful movement, may bring some Relief and reduce swelling.

Many women also recommends alternating between heat and cold therapy. Use the first calm the shoulder strap
To reduce swelling down and then heated to relieve pain.

Prevent frozen shoulder

It is difficult to know how to avoid the problem when doctors can not always determine the cause of frozen shoulder.

Building flexibility and strength exercise regularly to keep the body healthy joints computer and mobile phone.
Avoid a repeat of the excessive use of the shoulder. Healthy food to keep your body in top condition.

A healthy diet and exercise helps prevent many diseases.

Eye Health 45:

Eye Health 45:
All the vital woman should know

His eyes let you see the world, but you can go through windows after the Eid No. 45. Display What you need to know about the continued health of the eye in the early years of vibrant life.

What could go wrong?
Loss of muscle strength with age. You can see in the chest and face, and you will find that can affect His eyes also.
How often do you have an eye examination? You must have Year, twice a year, once they reach the age of 60. The evidence simply does not Check your vision. It also found diseases such as cataracts and Glaucoma, it can help detect the presence of other health problems She will not do it.
With age, there are several eye problems that are most likely to the face. Also it weakens the muscles around the eye area, and will Difficulty reading and seeing the little things. It happens to many People began at the age of 45 and 60 is very common thief Reading glasses. There are some problems that you may encounter You and your eyes a little bit older.

Equire Dry Eye

“Struggling with dry eye syndrome,” says VN
Honoria. You’re not alone. Many women seem vital Experience
This drought is not very easy to treat.
Women “suffer from dry eye syndrome, more than men,” says a frizzylee VN members. “I had a drawer full of
Drop and nothing worked. My eyes were always red and bothers me. The doctor ruled out from any kind of eye
He said that the incidence of dry eye syndrome. ”
I found a drop prescription that helped humidity end in sight. If things more than one recipe It does not work, talk to your doctor. Many women do not hesitate to ask what they see as minor complaints, But I have to live with irritated eyes. 29 Buoys You can also try buoys, small spots before his vision. This can be an indicator of the health of the deepest Problems. Consult your doctor if you have buoys.

Psyntax VN vibrating member of the women who have floaters. As a result of the “glass body Detachment. He explained what my doctor to monitor and be careful … which is really annoying. ”

“They are very annoying and disturbing,” agrees VN Deidre members. “In the end, mines and low,” he said.
“Knowing that is completely harmless makes me feel much better about it,” said a member of chataround VN. within
Many cases, the buoys are not harmful, they come and go, rather than compromise his vision all the time. However, it checked out just to be safe. You do not want to take any chances with anything of importance As his vision.
Men make passes at women who wear glasses “After a brief period of 44 I turned around, I realized that I have to break down and buy some reading glasses,” blogger VN Shannon Ingram shared her story. She has a “little ugly hoops,” some of the first pharmacies wire, but all It consists of there. “I did not take long to realize that I need a pair of glasses for each room, and so much more More importantly, all set! Fifteen years later, is the main component, which has the wardrobe to fit Everything from dream to wear formal clothes. ”

At first, you may not like the idea of ​​wearing glasses. I was afraid that I could make them look older or Serio. Try to have fun with them. You will find that sunglasses are always fashionable in style, there are trends in The restriction, because there are trends in the bags.

“I found a real vision lighting in contact lenses,” said a member of the VN Marianne Towersey. If all glasses
Not for you, there is always the second option.
Maintaining good eye health Keep your eyes longer and healthier through the exercise of good eye care in every day.

• Sunglasses: protect the eyes from the sun’s rays, can damage completely. Increase your sun The risk of cataracts of the eye lens. Make sure you choose a pair of masks provide protection against UV rays, or His eyes did not do much good.

• Stop smoking: Cigarette smoking puts you at risk of developing cataracts lens of the eye and the other eye problems.

• Healthy Eating: maintain a healthy and balanced whole grains, lean and fat, fruits and vegetables and protein diet. to me A healthy diet reduces muscle atrophy. It will also maintain a healthy weight, cutting The risk of diabetes. Diabetes can cause vision loss.

• Light: Do not sit in the dark! Eyes need light, three times more than 60 years of age, at the age of 20, in fact.
Take care of your eyes, because we’re going to just get a few. I have to check often attend any Problems that arise and make decisions today that will help you learn better tomorrow.

Diabetes after 45:

Sugar 00:45: the life of every woman should know

Diabetes is not a disease of people are overweight, or that someone is unhealthy. It can happen to everyone, and that
It is created a lot of other health problems that can not be in the queue. Learn what you should know all the vital woman Diabetes 45.

Diabetes cause other complications
Diabetes disease occurs when enough insulin in the body, a type of hormone that helps convert Sugar in the body into energy. More than 8 million women suffer from diabetes in the United States. Type 2 Diabetes usually develops after the age of 40. CDC known to happen, “when converted to cells of the body Resistance to insulin. ”
A woman should suffer from diabetes have to take care of organizing your diet Insulin levels, but this is not the only complications that arise. woman Have diabetes are more likely to suffer from the weakness of the bladder and

It can also dyspareunia, or pain arise during sex, nationality and other problems. Diabetes And it can affect many parts of the body, but there are ways to manage this disease And live perfectly healthy and normal life.
Diabetes is a daily issue. You would not leave. You can not take a break. A one-time non-Maintaining good health, you should always be aware of the food and drink they consume. But if you and Remember to follow doctor’s orders, you can manage the disease with great success.
VN grannyinlongjohns written by the great commentator and experience in the management of diabetes,Whenever other vital tips for women. Three major names mentioned, in order to keep control of the disease, “diet
Exercise to burn carbohydrates and medicine. ”

She explained, “used together, and these things prevent small problems, such as eye diseases and Problems with parts. ”

It keeps track of what to eat. “Diabetes is reasonable, but you should understand that this disease This requires changes in your lifestyle … get enough sleep, and do not focus on that. “25”Be responsible for yourself,” says Marilyn VN member. Take responsibility and take risks
Your body to maintain control of diabetes.

Diabetes and obesity
It does not have to be overweight to develop diabetes, but it is More common in people who are overweight or obese. many Vibrant women develop diabetes due to obesity. Members and VN VickyG commentator major share your story about diabetes and There are a lot of fat.
“I’m 57 and have become part of my life after puberty obesity …
Resistance to insulin for diabetics. “Having reached the limit of £ 288, which is Extreme amount of weight for “5’5 framework for the treatment of obesity Surgery. “Now, even now, seven months after they lost £ 75 A wonderful feeling “.

How can we do that? Assisted surgery, but changed VickyG
Another thing also. “I’ve taken my position in food Turn around. I changed my diet drastically Habits and I’m more aware of what to eat, when to eat and eat … 6 Such as small meals a day, and chew food well and Slowly, so my mind long enough to face my time stomach He was eating. ”
Many women have found that a simple function to track
Eat and take responsibility for, and makes a big difference that leads to healthy weight loss.

Remember that healthy weight loss is slow, it is a lifetime commitment.

Health problems also heart
VN user Robin Donovan, Menologues blogger, suggests that women with diabetes should be aware of Heart health.
According to a study involving more than 9,000 women aged 68 and older. “Women with diabetes have the same
The risk of death due to cardiovascular disease, as well as non-diabetic women who have a history of heart disease and blood vessels the disease “.

It’s something to think about. “Type 2 diabetes is also more likely to occur in much older. Diabetes This in turn increases the risk of human exposure to diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Donovan said the double whammy. “26 But do not lose hope. “Women can reduce their chances of having heart disease and vascular disease and type 2 diabetes With basic lifestyle change.

“The best thing you can do for your health (and reduces the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease Disease) is to get some exercise. I would recommend 30 minutes of moderate physical activity such as live Walking, swimming, skiing, or biking every day. If this is not possible simply with a view This material amount of five days a week of activity, “he advised.

Daily health management
It sounds simple, right? The problem is it is not easy for some women. Baker, a member of the Iron VN
At a loss when it comes to daily exercise.

“It makes it look very easy, but what about someone like me? I have severe arthritis pain, fibromyalgia pain
Rheumatoid arthritis and severe arthritis in less … peripheral neuropathy and degenerative disc disease in my country? My foot hurts

All the time, so you can take painkillers every day! I find it difficult to walk! ”

“I feel alone, even in this,” he said after he learned that she suffers from diabetes by the father of VN. I’m not the only person who feels Unit. He added that the belief that no one in your family understand your case.

Being sick, even the idea of ​​being
Patients, and makes people feel vulnerable. He
This is what makes us feel weak, and this makes us feel
Scared. You’re not alone. there There are a lot of other vital women like you.

Bekah says member VN, “you have
There are a lot of companies. ”
Member VN WendyEH is also a diabetic. I discovered a frightening way. “My country The blood sugar level is too high hospital I’ve never seen this number to anyone, and I was told that I should be dead If you were not in a coma … and now I’m trying to keep my Target blood sugar. It is not easy, but I’m I’m still learning. ”

“We can live” a normal life “with diabetes.
We just have to take care of ourselves. ”
He adds the father of one of the members of the VN.
Cut white flour, refined foods and fatty oils, sugar and fried foods. Whole grains, fruits and cereals merge
Vegetables in your diet. If your mobility is limited, you can still find ways to get active. Try doing exercises in 10. 27 Sessions of 15 minutes two or three times per day. Weight lifting by hand or with the resistance of the chair
Increase muscle mass. Try yoga, which requires a lot of energy, and improve flexibility. I was Do you have difficulty walking, and lying. Air and ride bikes and other exercises that can be performed on the back. or Get the pedal device that you can use during his tenure. There are also people from the private sector fixed bikes Who suffer from mobility problems.

You can live a normal and healthy life with diabetes. Be aware of what you eat, how much Activity starts, and can be treated very well.

They should know all the vital women

Depression after 45:
They should know all the vital women

Menopause and depression
In women than in men in the diagnosis of depression risk,
Perhaps because of the wars waged by the hormone in a woman’s body.

Depression affects many women as they go through menopause, but Unlike some of the symptoms may not disappear completely. Feeling Sadness, fatigue, inability to concentrate all public signs Menopause and depression. So either depression …

Going through menopause?

“I want to undergo medical tests to exclude under-active thyroid gland, Anemia, diabetes, adrenal insufficiency, or liver inflammation, all of them as you can “The cause of depression, and can be understood Fortunately expert VN
Holly Thacker, M. D.

“Depression is both a medical problem such as diabetes or migraine disease disease disease.

There is no reason to feel embarrassed or feel that
You should be able to get yourself a case. after all,
We will wait alone for the treatment of a sore throat? ”

Are you depressed?

Before you can deal with them, to identify them. I was very depressed or just feeling sad? Only a doctor can
This will help you find out. “If you really diagnosed then the doctor or psychologist will be the best source
Help, “explains the VN GayleL member.

“Middle-aged, it can also be dealing with divorce and professional problems, or the death of a loved one.
All of this will affect the mood and, of course, and in the end makes you feel depressed. Take another depression
Time of menopause indicates that the physical changes associated with the image of himself and of women with hormone March left Feeling a little down, “explains expert VN Holly Thacker, MD” Research indicates that during that time A woman is to make the transition to menopause, which is prone to depression, especially if the change Ruidoso. ”
Look for the warning signs that you may be depressed, and recording these symptoms before consulting a doctor
the doctor. Having trouble sleeping? Have you lost interest in activities that used to enjoy? You Chronically fatigued? The number of times you are involved in sexual activity? It is not a difficulty concentrating? You They often feel anxious and tense, very angry, guilty? You have an irrational fear? Feel suicidal?

The answer to these questions and symptom control to give a clear picture of what is happening with your doctor
I was one.
It can not really be depressed. Other factors, including menopause and hormone change in the province later Levels may be at stake. Martha was believed VN depression but were not. “It may be metal
Vacancy! Iodine deficiency can also “cause” depression. ”
Treating depression with drugs “Even if you have been to Gibraltar emotional rock throughout their lives,
Menopause can drink the perfect storm for the mood of anxiety, fear and Depression “, VN, says the blogger. Drug commonly Dr. Barb DePree Work on the road to depression.

“During menopause and menopause, depression and other mood These changes, because they are at other times.
Antidepressants and CBT can all Help. Hormones can also help improve the mood disorder is simple, “says: VN expert Holly Thacker, M. D.

“There are many types of antidepressants, such as Prozac SSRIs ES (fluoxetine) and Zoloft (sertraline), and is available in both … Set the standard antidepressants such as SSRIs and SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) is not addictive Do not change your personality. ”
They can, however, cause weight gain. Many members avoid VN Drugs for the treatment of depression because of it. If you take the pill does not suit you, That’s okay – you do not have to take them to treat depression. But you
We have to find another way to deal with it, because they want to live simply Those who suffer from depression and this is what makes it constantly.

Alternative ways to treat depression
“I know it sounds simple, but singing, dancing, reading or watching comedies … just the beginning, but some may
Help “and refers Member Natalie2 VN. “New research from the University of Exeter in Britain and in the training process and he asked hardness This shows that the direction of your thinking pattern can lead to a significant reduction in symptoms in the long term
Depression, “says VN blogger Sarah Swenson. It is proposed that cognitive therapy”, which is the process of identifying and Here are some ideas or dysfunctional beliefs that hinder progress in changing your life. ”
Hormone therapy with low doses may be effective in the treatment of depression associated with menopause, as well, and can also be standard Treatment. Start talking to a professional regularly to express their thoughts and feelings, and help yourself to manage all Things that happen.

Whatever course of action you choose to continue, choose something. He must live with Depression, and it also has enough to deal with what is. You have no reason to feel ashamed, but It is very common to feel helpless. You may even feel like you’re going crazy sometimes. It was not. I was Going through a normal phase of his life, the body and the mind alike are struggling to adapt. Finding the right Treatment to make this transition a little more smoothly, and things will get better.